Frequently asked questions

How do I cancel my order?

A: Canceling your order will depend on the process of your order status. Pending Payments: Contact customer service at rochejewelers@gmail.com within 5 hours of submitting your order order. Confirmed Payments: We spend dilgent time reviewing and processing your order. Therefore, you will need to contact us between 24-48 hours of submitting your payment to cancel. We will charge you a 15% of your entire order as a service fee then refund you the remaining balance of your order. For cacellations received after 48 hours of submitting your payment WILL NOT BE REFUNDED! Completed & Shipped Items: These orders have been successfully signed off or shipped and will not be refunded.

How can I add additional items to my order?

A: If you have already submitted payment for your order and want to add additional items you can submit another order. Then send an emial to rochejewelers@gmail.com letting us know you have submitted another order no later than 24 hours, so we can add the additional items to your initial order.

What happens if you mailed me the wrong items?

A: We do our due diligence to ensure you receive the exact items you purchase. However, if you received the wrong item, pease email us at rochejewelers@gmail.com letting us know of the error. We will allow you to keep the item received and send the item you wanted with your next purchase.

How will I know when my package has been shipped?

A: We usually prepare your package for shipment 24-72 hours after payment was received. We will send you a Tracking number to your registered email so you can track the status of your package.

What are your jewelry products made of?

A: Our sterling jewelry collection is made with 925 sterling silver material. Our fashion jewlery collection is made with alloy, crystal, wax cord, or plastic material. The material of each item can be found in the item description section.